Thursday, October 13, 2011

What is Meant by Do-follow backlinks and No-follow backlinks?

Well, this question is asked so many times in popular webmaster forums like digitalpoint. so i have decided to clear your doubts. Fist of all, what is meant by a backlink?, a backlink is a link from an external source, say a website that is linking back to your website. Building backlink is the off-page Search engine optimization technique. Webmasters build two types of back links to increase Traffic to website they are Do-follow back links and No-follow backlinks.
Do-follow backlinks: These types of backlinks are accessible by search engine spiders, or in otherwords the links that are accessible by search engines is known as dofollow backlinks. These backliknks will help you getting traffic as well as link juice for your keyword. If you build more dofollow backlinks your ranking will go up.
No-follow backlinks: These are the backlinks that are not accessible by search engine spiders.These backlinks will not get link juice since they are not readable by web robots. However, No-follow backlinks are also important in getting traffic to your website.

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