Thursday, October 13, 2011

Social Bookmarking to increase backlinks, hence Traffic!

Social bookmarking is an easy way to get lots of traffic daily.  Webmasters share links on popular social bookmarking websites like digg and stumble upon to boost their traffic. Its one of the easiest ways to gain lots of backlinks.

How social bookmarking helps?

Well, most of the social book marking websites allow links that are indexed by search engines or say, do-follow backlinks. Do-follow backlinks are really helpful in improving search engine ranking postions.

How to get traffic from bookmarking sites?

You need to make some relationship with other users of  sites likes Stumble upon to gain more followers. Now every time you bokmark your article you can see lots of unique visitors instantly to your website or blog.

 Traffic is the king and backlinks is the building block of traffic, so bookmark your website, gain backlinks and increase your traffic in no time..

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