Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Tracking code Helps you Boost website Traffic and Sales!

If your site is not Getting the traffic you are expecting you can use a "Tracking Code" to the URL you are linking from other websites. This helps you determine where you are getting Top quality visitors that are purchasing your products/service. You can repeat the tactics with the help of tracking code and your website traffic will increase in no time.

what is a tracking code?

A tracking code is a code that is placed at the end of an url, say A124 etc to track the visitors that are making you sale and money.

So how to add a tracking code?

Its easy to add a tracking code. A tracking code can be a number or alphabet, or a combination of both alphabet and numbers. Hence, if your website name is http://www(dot)example(dot)com, you can add a tracking code inserting this symbol "?" at the end of Url,

example http://www(dot)example(dot)com?B124 This symbol allows you to place anything you need in your url.

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