Thursday, October 6, 2011

Seven website traffic tips!

1. Banner Advertising: Find websites/blog related to your niche. Contact webmasters using Contact us menu.
You can ether exchange banners with each other or start advertising there with a very cheap rate( Banner ads are usually cheaper in rate). You will get visitors that are interested in your niche.
2.Use social networking sites: Facebook is one of the popular social networking websites which is progressing daily with millions of visitors worldwide.
3.Forum signatures: Join some popular internet marketing forums such as warrior forum and digitalpointforum. Start discussing there with your website as signature.
4.Guest posting: Write articles on websites related to your niche. There are many websites that offer guest posting. They allow to place anchor text of keyword you are focusing on.
5.PPC programs like Googleadwords: Yeah, ppc programs like Google Adwords and yahoo search marketing. This will help you gain instant targeted traffic to your website.
6.Use your Main keyword in the first paragraph of your website: Keyword play an important role, and using your keywords in first 200 words will help you increase your website traffic because search engine loves that.
7.Purchase website traffic: Yeah, Purchasing website traffic will help you gain instant traffic but majority of websites are providing fake visitors. Always do a research and find the best advertising company that helps you achieve your Traffic goals.

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