Friday, October 21, 2011

Google + The new social Networking Platform For sharing your thoughts!

        Well as a competitor to Facebook which is one of the powerful social networking website,  Google launched Google plus. This is really a great opportunity for webmasters to promote their business. Now a days everyone began to realize the importance of social networking websites, since it is the better place for promoting product or service. Having said that you need to be social in order to gain maximum benefits from these powerful platforms. If u need visitors to interact with you, you need to do the same, for example if one of your friends updated his status about a particular niche you need to comment on them and in this way when you also do it they will comment back on you. We are social well beings and our success lies in interacting with others, the case of social networking websites is also similar. So find visitors of your interests, interact with them and gain readership to your website/product/service, on the other-hand if you are selfish,  people will not get back to your message and obviously you fail in using social networking websites for promoting your website or service. Google + is the new oppertunity and start using it interactively.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Top 5 Traffic statistics Tools for webmasters!

Every webmaster needs to Know about their sites Traffic statistics. There are plenty of  tools available for free. All of these tools requires an HTML script to be placed on webpage. Each of the traffic tool is unique of its own. Placing too may traffic statistics HTML script can Lower sites performance. It is always better to stick with one tool. Here is a list of top 5 traffic statistics tools a webmaster Love to place on their website.

Google Analytics: Its one of the popular statistics tool provided by the big G. Its the commonly used tool by majority of webmasters i guess. It is very accurate in giving information about everything a cookie can store (Operating system used by the visitor, Browser ) etc. I am using Google anlaytics to track my website traffic.

Awstats: One of those traffic monitoring tools that requires server side installation(NO need of installing it in client side). Its very accurate tool for free for determining the traffic.

Statscounter: Mostly used Traffic analytics tool by Technolgy niche Webmsaters. It is very good in Determing the trafffic but the problem is,  we need to pay for it if the page views of a website exceeds 15 lakhs amonth. If anyone has this Traffic he will not use this tool, isn't it? .

Sitemeter: Its also a popular Traffic tool that willl provide relevant site statistics. Like Statscounter this tool Provides basic traffic statistics but for a detailed repoort an upgardation of account is Required.

FeedBurner: Its a variety tool that provides stats of traffic from feed readers. This helps to track the amount of visitors subscribing . Feedburner ad network allows publishers to earn money from their Traffic.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Make money online methods!

Its not easy to earn money online, if you are not dedicated to the work you are doing. Dedication is the key behind success online business. Here are the different methods to earn lots of residual income online.
Affiliate marketing: This is one of the greatest ways to earn money online. Affiliate marketing is the method of promoting someone else product and earn a commission every time affiliate marketer makes a sale. Affiliate marketer must get a targeted customer to make a sale, a targeted customer is the only customer who is ready to buy the product or service. Clickbank is one of those popular websites that is giving 75% of affiliate commission's. for every single sale. Its the market place where affiliate marketers are making Thousands of dollars daily.
Domain Flipping: Domain flipping is another way to earn money. For this you need to register a domain name that makes sense, so that the buyer will be ready to pay 3x times the money you spend for registering the domain. You can sell Domains on popular internet marketing forums like digital point forums or Flippa( Requires fee for listing but well worth the money).
Article writing:  You can write articles and sell evey article for 3 to 5 dollars depending upon the content you are writing. You can find customers at digitalpoint forums, there are lots of webmasters looking to outsource their task of adding articles to their websites, you can write for them and make money easly. If you write 10 articles daily you can earn 30 dollar daily which means 900 dollar per month..:)
Fiverr: Fiverr is one of those websites that allows peoples to offer any service they are willing to do for just dollar 5. This site is a high traffic website with lots of potential customers. Just offer a small service and earn money .

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Social Bookmarking to increase backlinks, hence Traffic!

Social bookmarking is an easy way to get lots of traffic daily.  Webmasters share links on popular social bookmarking websites like digg and stumble upon to boost their traffic. Its one of the easiest ways to gain lots of backlinks.

How social bookmarking helps?

Well, most of the social book marking websites allow links that are indexed by search engines or say, do-follow backlinks. Do-follow backlinks are really helpful in improving search engine ranking postions.

How to get traffic from bookmarking sites?

You need to make some relationship with other users of  sites likes Stumble upon to gain more followers. Now every time you bokmark your article you can see lots of unique visitors instantly to your website or blog.

 Traffic is the king and backlinks is the building block of traffic, so bookmark your website, gain backlinks and increase your traffic in no time..

What is Meant by Do-follow backlinks and No-follow backlinks?

Well, this question is asked so many times in popular webmaster forums like digitalpoint. so i have decided to clear your doubts. Fist of all, what is meant by a backlink?, a backlink is a link from an external source, say a website that is linking back to your website. Building backlink is the off-page Search engine optimization technique. Webmasters build two types of back links to increase Traffic to website they are Do-follow back links and No-follow backlinks.
Do-follow backlinks: These types of backlinks are accessible by search engine spiders, or in otherwords the links that are accessible by search engines is known as dofollow backlinks. These backliknks will help you getting traffic as well as link juice for your keyword. If you build more dofollow backlinks your ranking will go up.
No-follow backlinks: These are the backlinks that are not accessible by search engine spiders.These backlinks will not get link juice since they are not readable by web robots. However, No-follow backlinks are also important in getting traffic to your website.

Different Types Of Traffic!

A particular website will get different types of traffic. Different types of traffic are given below,

Targeted Traffic : This type of traffic is the best one. This is the only traffic which helps you making enough money  with your website, whether it is through adsense or selling products( Affiliate marketing) . These visitors are very much interested in your product or service. Let's say you are selling a product named " Soap", these visitors will enter into your website by searching words like "buy a soap" etc in Google, hence the chance of getting a conversion is quite High.

Non-Targeted Traffic: This type of traffic cannot bring you sales or signups, however in rare cases a sale can happen regardless of what a user is searching in google. These visitors will leave your website quickly, hence the bounce rate will be higher, also conversion rate will be low or say no conversion. How ever Traffic will helps you decrease your alexa ranking.

Monday, October 10, 2011

High Traffic Websites List- TOP 10

Traffic is the King that Makes a Website successful. No traffic = No sales, so every webmasters are looking for Traffic..:)

Here is a list of websites that are getting worlds most Online visitors Daily..

1. Google

2. Facebook

3. yahoo

4. youtube

5. bing