Friday, October 14, 2011

Make money online methods!

Its not easy to earn money online, if you are not dedicated to the work you are doing. Dedication is the key behind success online business. Here are the different methods to earn lots of residual income online.
Affiliate marketing: This is one of the greatest ways to earn money online. Affiliate marketing is the method of promoting someone else product and earn a commission every time affiliate marketer makes a sale. Affiliate marketer must get a targeted customer to make a sale, a targeted customer is the only customer who is ready to buy the product or service. Clickbank is one of those popular websites that is giving 75% of affiliate commission's. for every single sale. Its the market place where affiliate marketers are making Thousands of dollars daily.
Domain Flipping: Domain flipping is another way to earn money. For this you need to register a domain name that makes sense, so that the buyer will be ready to pay 3x times the money you spend for registering the domain. You can sell Domains on popular internet marketing forums like digital point forums or Flippa( Requires fee for listing but well worth the money).
Article writing:  You can write articles and sell evey article for 3 to 5 dollars depending upon the content you are writing. You can find customers at digitalpoint forums, there are lots of webmasters looking to outsource their task of adding articles to their websites, you can write for them and make money easly. If you write 10 articles daily you can earn 30 dollar daily which means 900 dollar per month..:)
Fiverr: Fiverr is one of those websites that allows peoples to offer any service they are willing to do for just dollar 5. This site is a high traffic website with lots of potential customers. Just offer a small service and earn money .

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