Saturday, October 15, 2011

Top 5 Traffic statistics Tools for webmasters!

Every webmaster needs to Know about their sites Traffic statistics. There are plenty of  tools available for free. All of these tools requires an HTML script to be placed on webpage. Each of the traffic tool is unique of its own. Placing too may traffic statistics HTML script can Lower sites performance. It is always better to stick with one tool. Here is a list of top 5 traffic statistics tools a webmaster Love to place on their website.

Google Analytics: Its one of the popular statistics tool provided by the big G. Its the commonly used tool by majority of webmasters i guess. It is very accurate in giving information about everything a cookie can store (Operating system used by the visitor, Browser ) etc. I am using Google anlaytics to track my website traffic.

Awstats: One of those traffic monitoring tools that requires server side installation(NO need of installing it in client side). Its very accurate tool for free for determining the traffic.

Statscounter: Mostly used Traffic analytics tool by Technolgy niche Webmsaters. It is very good in Determing the trafffic but the problem is,  we need to pay for it if the page views of a website exceeds 15 lakhs amonth. If anyone has this Traffic he will not use this tool, isn't it? .

Sitemeter: Its also a popular Traffic tool that willl provide relevant site statistics. Like Statscounter this tool Provides basic traffic statistics but for a detailed repoort an upgardation of account is Required.

FeedBurner: Its a variety tool that provides stats of traffic from feed readers. This helps to track the amount of visitors subscribing . Feedburner ad network allows publishers to earn money from their Traffic.

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